our vision

We firmly believe that God exists and has revealed Himself to mankind. God's plan from the beginning of time was to rescue and redeem a people unto Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ. It is through the life, death and resurrection of Christ that God redeems and saves. The Gospel of Christ is where we find our hope. 

  • Vision

    Learning to Live and Love Like Jesus. Being a Disciple of Jesus Christ is a progressive process. As such, living and loving like Jesus is something that is learned over time. Our goal is to train and equip believers to live and love like Jesus in their everyday lives. 

  • Values

    The Gospel. The Scriptures. Worship. Missions. Ministry. Fellowship. Community. These values are the shared convictions that drive our actions and serve as the motivational flame of our church. 

  • mission

    Advance the Gospel. Make Disciples. The utmost call that Jesus Christ places on His disciples is to go and make disciples (Matthew 28:19). We desire for the Gospel to be central in everything we do and everything we do is with the intention of making disciples. 

  • strategy

    Gather. Grow. Give. Go. This 4G strategy encompasses all that we are called to do as disciples of Jesus Christ. We are called to Gather with other believers in worship, prayer and fellowship. We Grow in our faith through Areas of interest groups, Bible study groups, CORE groups, and Discipleship groups. We are called to Give of our tithes and talents for the advancement of God's Kingdom. Finally, we are called to Go into all the world proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ.