welcome to worship!

Join us for a full range of worship, from classic hymns to modern praise. We have a full choir and band that cover a wide variety of genres for all ages. Grab a cup of coffee as you come in and join us for sweet fellowship and blessed worship at 9:30am.

Praise Chorale

The mission and primary function of the Macedonia Praise Chorale is to lead our congregation in worship by exalting our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  If God has given you a talent in the area of music, our church is a firm believer that you should be using that talent to glorify Him and to do so by singing in the Macedonia Praise Chorale and/or other select vocal ensembles.

Rehearsal Policy

The Macedonia Praise Chorale rehearses from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday evenings in the choir loft of the sanctuary.

Choir practice should be one of the most enjoyable hours of your week.  Excellent music, good fellowship and true worship are our goals.  A good balance of work and fun is to be expected at every rehearsal. 

There is no “try-out” for interested participants in the Praise Chorale.  Simply put, if you like to sing, you can be a part of the choir! Please enjoy the rehearsal; sing with spirit; sing with THE SPIRIT!

senior adult choir

Our senior adult choir is known as "Prime Time Singers" and is for individuals 50 years and over.  “Prime Time Singers” meets on Sunday evenings at 5:00 p.m. in room 110, and enjoy performing regularly on Sunday Evenings for our membership, as well as other venues, such as Senior Adult Care Facilities. The Prime Time Singers rehearse at 5:00pm each Sunday in Room 110.

Solos and ensembles

Solos and Ensembles are generally set up by the Worship Minister.  Music is a very integral part of the worship services at MBC.  Singing solos or in an ensemble-in this, or any other church-is a decision made after much prayer and consideration.  Therefore, those who sing must have not only outstanding ability, but also must show themselves faithful.  This means that you should be one of the most faithful church members at Macedonia.  In 1 Chronicles 15:22 the Bible states the following; “That was his responsibility because he was skillful at it.”  You have been chosen to lead in this capacity because you have a gift in this area.  Do not take this for granted, rather use all that He has given you in honor and glory to HIM! 

Orchestra/praise band

Our purposes here are to increase musical participation in worship, encourage musicianship, and provide fellowship.  Faithful participation at all Orchestra rehearsals is expected.  A minimum of 2 years experience on your instrument is required. Our Orchestra/Praise Band rehearses at 7:30pm each Wednesday in Choir loft.


The Drama Ministry is a unique but effective area of Worship Ministry in our church.  Teams will rehearse individually at the convenience of those participating.  The frequency and length of rehearsals will depend on the amount of material being prepared.  For maximum effect dramatic presentation must be memorized even before rehearsing with the team.  This is the only way your team leaders can effectively work with you on staging, expression, etc.…

What a glorious celebration we enjoy when we enter the Presence of the Lord through singing, worship and praise!  It is my prayer that the Worship Ministries of Macedonia Baptist Church will never lose sight of the privilege of worshiping a RISEN SAVIOR who is alive and well today!  Rehearsal times and location vary.